Understanding The Basics of Relationship and Dating

Love. Relationship. The words have always been quite deep-rooted and discussed by great saints, poets and authors. Human perception and feelings have been the base established to form theories and facts about them. Also, various psychologists and medical researchers have given out their opinions backed by studies and observations.

 In the recent era, the concept of dating has become quite famous. There are quite many differences in these concepts. Before we study the difference between dating and relationships, let us see their basic terminologies.

Dating: The Modern Concept

Dating could mean different things for distinct people. As per one definition, dating means being in an intimate relationship. It may be of any sexuality. It could include a short term or long term commitment or be casual, etc. To describe two people dating, words like ‘seeing each other ’, ‘going out ’, ‘hooking up’ and ‘friends with benefits are used.

Relationship: The Tradition

It has been long known that two people who are closely connected to each other are said to be in a relationship. It could be limited to sexual feelings or might be inclusive of romanticism and more in-depth emotions. The bond is often the second step after the ‘dating’ phase and is considered a strengthened form of connection between two individuals.

Differences between Dating and Relationship

Mutual Connection

The prime difference observed between the two concepts, dating and relationship is mutuality. Unlike the dating concept, a relationship has an exclusive commitment. A relationship is based on trust and mutual agreement to any differences which again involves mutual trust.

 On the other side, dating may or may not involve exclusivity. For some exclusive dating is the thing while some are more open to dating more than one individual. It differs from person to person.


There is a large difference observed in the communication during the phases of relationship and dating. If in a relationship, you tend to share even the minute details about yourself. Individuals tend to communicate their vulnerabilities to their partners while in a relationship.

 Whereas dating is more about sharing an overview of their lives. It involves discussions of highlights about routine affairs or deciding places to hang around. Communication is quite basic and limited in the dating phase. It is because communication is usually based on the connection between the partners.


Expectations are obviously a factor that differs in the two kinds. You tend to expect much lesser from a person you are just acquainted with. The dating phase involves quite lesser expectations as there is no commitment or exclusivity.

 Mutual agreement is present in a relationship. So one may expect his/her/their partner to behave in a particular way or remember something. In a relationship, the partners usually have an agreement with each other for the future. This requires certain expected criteria that have to be fulfilled.


A person in a relationship usually has clear priorities. Partner is the sole priority and sustaining the well-being of the bond is the necessity. In every element of your life, your partner is with you. This is the reason why a person in a relationship gives utmost importance to the partner. Whether it is going on a trip or eating dinner somewhere out, a person in a relationship would prefer the partner to be there.

 On the other hand, it is not so in the dating phase. You tend to prioritise your work, friends and family more than the partner you are dating. It has more to do with the kind of urgency. These dynamics are based on how well you connect to the person.


The concepts of dating and relationships have seen emerging trends in recent times. Humans have begun understanding the needs and differences of human behaviour and gained empathy. Also, many researchers and studies claim that understanding levels have improved drastically between partners in the present era. The difference in the two phases, dating and relationship are quite obvious depending on the connect between the two partners.

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